[PD] osc~'s phase / second inlet

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Tue Feb 6 21:43:06 CET 2007


I can't figure how the second inlet of osc~ work. As a test i tried  
to sum and subtract two osc~'s with the same frequency. If i send 0  
to the second inlet of the two osc~ objects, the difference is 0 -  
which is what i though would happen. But how do i make the sum 0 -  
ie. make them completely out of phase?

I've tried different things. For example I've tried to delay the  
reset of the one osc~ while "immediately" resetting the other - by  
resetting i mean sending 0 to the second inlet - assuming one can  
only reset the phase. Another thing i've tried is to set them at the  
same time by sending 0 to one of them and different numbers to the  
other - assuming it would behave kind of like sin(f*x+0)+sin(f*x+a)  
where a is the other number.

Thanks, steffen

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