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Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Tue Feb 6 22:10:16 CET 2007

>> cheers denis, thanks for your replies.  i want to get something that
>> does the same job as the shaper filter in the k2000 synth....but from

> The Kawai K2000, K5 and K5000 are all "additive" synthesisers. They are not

Isnt the K2000 the Kurzweil with the socalled VAST synthesis engine? Its 
a sample based synth which can plug in some dsp processing blocks in the 
signal flow, maybe there is a shaping filter without resynthesis? I dont 
have a Kurzweil nor worked with one, always wanted one but they where to 
expensive and now I got pd, which is real VAST.

> I don't think the k5/2000 have any real filters at all, maybe in the K5000
> which has an architecture a bit like
> [oscillator bank]
>  |
> [shaper]
>  |
> [post filter]
> But those filters are pretty weak, simple remedial filters to top and
> tail the spectrum. The real spectra shaping happens early in the chain,
> (there's a group of envelopes that set the levels of the initial partials)
>  rather than later as per traditional subtractive synths.
The architecture is correct for the K5000, but the filters are far from 
weak. The shaping or morph filter rides on the additive parameters as 
you described and gives resultats simular the FreqTweak Program on 
Linux, lot of digital sparkle. They let you define another spectral 
curve on top of your already exisiting ones. Loads of parameters to 
edit. Behind the scene these parameters are added/multiplied together to 
control the indiviual sines.

They tacked on a dsp filter which can do and sound like the usual 
subtractive stuff complete with resonance. It can be overdriven which 
sounds rather harsh in terms of digital harsh, no simulated analogue 
beauty. These dsp filters are also available for the cheesy short PCM 
samples they build in, mainly for the transients.



Malte Steiner
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