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> Far and Wide - CMJ 2007 DVD
> CALL FOR WORKS - Computer music works showcasing global diversity
> Computer Music Journal is seeking new computer music, videos of  
> performance, and audio-video works to be included as part of its  
> annual DVD for 2007. The curators are seeking to highlight current  
> trends, and are particularly interested in including music from  
> emerging and underrepresented genres, cultures, and geographical  
> locations beyond Europe and North America. Works that represent an  
> engagement with a composer's culture or identity are encouraged.
> Submission details:
> Pieces completed after 1 January 2000 are eligible. Works may have  
> been presented or published elsewhere, but in the latter case,  
> documentation must be provided granting CMJ the nonexclusive right  
> to publish. One work may be submitted per composer.
> Deadline: 1 March 2007
> Formats:  Uploaded file, mailed CD or DVD disc,
>    Audio:  16-bit, 48-kHz (44.1 kHz also acceptable), stereo or 5.1  
> channels.
>    Video:   CD or DVD disc, Quicktime MOV (uncompressed if possible).
> Duration: Pieces under 10 minutes in duration are preferred.
> Additional documentation: Please include a short (200 words  
> maximum) biography of the composer, and program notes (250 words  
> maximum) for the work, including all necessary credits and contact  
> information. An image of the composer (black and white, minimum 300  
> dpi) may also be submitted for accepted works. These documents will  
> be published in the Journal as part of the DVD notes.
> Co-curators:
> Tae Hong Park, park at music.princeton.edu
> Robert Gluck,    gluckr at albany.edu
> Lonce Wyse,     cmj_dvd2007 at zwhome.org
> For further information, please see:
> http://www.zwhome.org/CMJ/2007DVD_CallForWorks.html
> -- 
> Robert J. Gluck
> Assistant Professor of Music
> Director, Electronic Music Studios
> Affiliate Faculty, Department of Judaic Studies
> Affiliate Faculty, College of Computing and Information
> Associate Director, Electronic Music Foundation
> University at Albany
> PAC 312
> 1400 Washington Avenue
> Albany, NY 12222
> 518-442-4186
> http://www.electricsongs.com
> http://www.albany.edu/music/electronicmusic
> "Some I know, the cawing crow and three pulsed dove that sounds a  
> coo nothing like a baby's. Others I cannot name: trill-like-insect  
> sibilant-song and a gullet-throbbing call forced out by the  
> staccato notes that follow. It all comes together like a symphony.  
> the passing cars, notes with flags. counterpoint to the  
> birds."  (Susan Robertson, 'Morning Prayers')
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