[PD] [OT] gallery installation sound

Florian Kuehnle flokuehnle at gmx.de
Wed Feb 7 22:33:10 CET 2007

Am 07.02.2007 um 20:12 schrieb Kevin McCoy:

> Low ends tend to get very muddy and the highs and mids spill all  
> over the place.  Are there certain tricks I could use in mixing or  
> placement/kinds of speakers to preserve the highs and mids better  
> in a difficult space?  This might be a difficult question since you  
> can't hear the piece in person, but even general advice would be  
> very helpful.

hi kevin,

its really difficult to say so remotely without knowing both your  
piece ans the place. but generally i'd say: don't use too high  
volumes and use good sounds for the room you're in. "natural"  
reverberation can be used or played with very nicely and ear- 
pleasing. but the higher volume goes, the more the room gets excited  
and filled with echo and reverberation and the "uglier" it sounds to  
the normal listener...

cheers f.

Florian Kuehnle
flokuehnle at gmx.de

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