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Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Thu Feb 8 01:18:36 CET 2007

Hi Kevin,

one more strategy i found very helpful in the past:
It seems quite logical to try to incorporate the acoustics of that 
special room, rather than trying to fight it. A mixture of a dry, 
low-volume nearfield with speakers pointing towards the listener and a 
reverberant ambience could make a nice best-of-both-worlds blend, plus 
allowing you to use the reverated/dry character as additional parameter 
to build your installation around. One nice thing for reverberant sound 
projection is to point the speakers onto the wall and let the sound 
reflect from the wall towards the listener. Just like indirect light 
from the lamp next to your sofa, this approach lets the sound blend 
nicely with the room's reverberation character.

good luck, and perhaps tell the list how you did get along!


Kevin McCoy wrote:
> Hello all,
> Apologies for the ot post; I've got my final thesis show coming up in early
> April and I'm doing all sound work using Pd.  The gallery space I am using
> is actually quite poor for acoustics, as it's got a concrete floor and 
> metal
> roofing.  It's relatively small though - two hallways each about 10 feet by
> 30 feet large (3 by 9 meters if you like) making a "T" shape.  I would like
> to do two 4 channel sound installations, perhaps one for each hallway.
> I know there are many sound scientists and artists on the list so I thought
> I would ask if anyone knows of resources to look at for dealing with these
> kinds of issues?  How are other artists sorting these things out?  Any 
> links
> or recommendations would be very helpful.  Low ends tend to get very muddy
> and the highs and mids spill all over the place.  Are there certain 
> tricks I
> could use in mixing or placement/kinds of speakers to preserve the highs 
> and
> mids better in a difficult space?  This might be a difficult question since
> you can't hear the piece in person, but even general advice would be very
> helpful.
> Also if any of you have documentation of your own installations, I would
> love to see them.
> Thanks!
> Kevin
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