[PD] puredatabase

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Thu Feb 8 11:47:31 CET 2007

On 07/02/2007, at 3.25, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> This is something that we have discussed a lot in the PDDP  
> meetings.  Basically, the idea is to have a [pd META] subpatch in  
> every help file.  That subpatch would contain metadata that is each  
> contained in a single comment.  Example meta data would be  
> category, library description, version, etc.

And reading from another emails, example META-data could also be  
keywords. In other words, the information in the META sub-patches is  
likely to be the same kind of information that is wanted in the  

To avoid project overlap, double-work and redundancy, i agree that  
there should be a central place for that information, and the other  
place just sync from it.

> Then the help browser will be dynamically built using this meta  
> data, so that the categories would be menu items.  I think it would  
> be quite cool to implement this parser in Pd, but it's not  
> essential.  Otherwise it should probably be C or Tcl, just because  
> those are already in place for Pd.  I have a proof of concept  
> sketch working already.

Given that the META sub-patch is the central location for the  
information - which i guess would be the easiest way around it, and  
would collide less with the PDDP - i still think that the database  
(PDDB) would be a good tool.

It will let anyone easily (if connected to the internet) browse the  
information without having such browser installed into Pd. The good  
thing being that the information is accessible (again, given one have  
an internet connection) independently of which version of Pd one is  
using. And also independently of what libs/externals one might have  
installed, such that one can search for a object that does a desired  
thing without priorly having it installed.

> But if you want to own this, then it's yours.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not sure i have the skills to develop it,  
and there are yet much to many open questions for me about all this.  
I hope, by this email, to get something straight.

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