[PD] re: generated objects including $0

Matteo.sistisette matteo.sistisette at email.it
Thu Feb 8 12:17:37 CET 2007

Chris McCormick wrote:

>On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 07:54:40PM -0700, Luke Iannini (pd) wrote:
>> I\'m trying to generate objects within a subpatch using [obj( messages,
>> and I want those generated objects to have $0 as one of their
>> arguments, e.g. [myobject $0]. Using [obj x y myobject $0( gives
>> [myobject 0] (I know $0 is not for messages, just thought I\'d give
>> that a try), and of course [list append $0] to the object message just
>> adds the interpreted $0 of the parent patch. I\'d like to preserve the
>> \"$0\". Anyone know of a way to do it?
>I think the attached patch demonstrates what you mean.

That works for $0, but it wouldn\'t with $1. If you replace the \"0\" with a
\"1\" in the message box,
you will still get a [test $0] object in the result window.

I think that \"makefilename\" just doesn\'t work with multiple parameters:
any \"%s\" or \"%d\" except the first one, will evaluate to \"(null)\" or 0

Furthermore, the following will make PD crash:

[list cat 2 dog(
[makefilename foo%s_%d_%s]

Maybe it just isn\'t meant to handle lists (or messages that aren\'t just a
single float or symbol). 

However, it is possible to \"compose a filename\" with multiple parameters
using the trick described
in the makefilename help patch, which would permit creating objects with $1
or $whatever.

Thanks Chris for the trick, I also needed that :)

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