[PD] Dynamic generation of $0-including objects?

Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 15:12:08 CET 2007

Yes, you are correct that I was using it to speed normal patching, in
this case I was generating patch-matrix toggle elements in a grid that
communicated with a matrix object via $0 (the details of that are
discussed in a previous thread of mine).  I was cut-and-pasting them
to other patches, so the interpreted $0 was not useful to me.
Typically, I ended up circumventing the issue while waiting for a
response, but I can still see the use of this.  I think it's perhaps
more apparent in generating $1-$n as arguments.

I say it is a kludge because makefilename is essentially a wrapper,
and moving things to be more pd-like consistently reduces kludginess.
Just like the ability of 0.40 to use dollar-args anywhere within a
symbol rather than just at the beginning, and the re-assignability of
[send]; both reduce countless "kludges" of [list2symbol] or
[makefilename]... perhaps it was "pd-like" to have 8 objects creating
a single dynamic send but I prefer the... new pd-likeness : ) (though
it's a few months before I'll be using it).


On 2/8/07, Roman Haefeli <reduzierer at yahoo.de> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 14:21 +0100, Steffen wrote:
> > On 08/02/2007, at 13.35, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >
> > > Hallo,
> > > Roman Haefeli hat gesagt: // Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > >
> > >> [...] as far as
> > >> i can see it. the only case i could think of, that would require
> > >> litteral '$0's as abstraction arguments, would be, if you would use
> > >> dynamic patching just as a quicker way of patching.
> > >
> > > ... which actually is a very sensible usecase!
> >
> > In terms of state-saving?
> normally state saving is used to set variable controllers of a
> 'hardwired' patch/synth/hardware to a specific state, without changing
> the patch/synth/hardware itself. that is why i'd say, that when a
> dynamically created patch (more accurate: a patch, that contains
> dynamically created parts) is saved, this shouldn't be considered as a
> state-saving mechanism.
> what frank and i have been talking about, is rather that dynamic
> creation could also be used to speed up patching progress, so that
> dynamic creation is used as long the patch is not finished and when the
> patch is finished, no dynamic creation is involved anymore. such a
> scenario would require the ability to create abstractions with litteral
> '$0's as arguments dynamically.
> roman
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