[PD] graphical possibilities in GEM

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 8 15:12:15 CET 2007

Johannes Eckart a écrit :
> Hi again!!
> Thanks for the new version of the patch compatible with a lower version of pd (my version is 0.38).
> To upgrade a version, do i just have to install the new one, or do i have to delete the old version of pd before?
> Thanks, and sorry for the missunderstanding, Patco :$ !
> Cheers Johannes
pd is not one of those programs that fills hard drive with tons of 
craps, so you can put another version whereever you want, I always keep 
a 0.39 somewhere with all libs,
I also have to net-pd version which is the 0.38, and work on the the 
last 0.40.
 For having all libs working on all versions I just put in the startup 
menu the path of the extra folder of my pd version where there are all 


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