[PD] pm mapping

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Thu Feb 8 18:08:26 CET 2007

Frank Barknecht a écrit :
> Hallo,
> cyrille henry hat gesagt: // cyrille henry wrote:
>> here is a small exemple of some physical model mapping objects.
>> the aim of pm mapping is to create some kind of "dynamic" mapping.
>> this instrument is very simple, but the physical model in the mapping 
>> introduce some kind of "life" in the audio synthesis.
> Ah, cool, thank you a lot! This will save me lots of double work,
> because I actually was about to start work on similar objects (but so
> far without having produced any patches) as you are writing with
> pmapping.
> It is very likely that I will spam you with comments! ;) 

> _From a quick look I would have some simple suggestions: It would be
> nice if the pm* objects would have a consistend "mapping" of arguments
> and inlets.
i also still have a lot's of work on documentation.
any help is welcome :-)

> Currently for example the pm-clouds don't have an inlet to
> change the number of masses. (I implemented a temporary solution with
> allowing "reset N" messages to change the number when resetting, but
> I'm not sure if this is good in the long run.) Probably something like
> "float_argument.pd" can be used here, though I never use this object
> normally.

there is allready to much inlet in this object, and changing the number of masses will reset the model anyway.
so a reset N is fine with me.

other object with variable number of masses does (should) not have inlet to change this number.

if you already made it, you can commit it. if not, i'll make it.

> More later.


> Ciao

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