[PD] gem: framerate / quality of pix_video with dv and linux

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Thu Feb 8 18:18:30 CET 2007

hi there,

when capturing dv with the linux version of gem's
pix_video, this object emits frames about every 1/10th
of a second only, no matter what framerate gem is
running at. when using an usb camera, the behaviour of
pix_video is as expected: it delivers one frame with
every render cycle.

this is a bit less-than-ideal from my point of view,
since fast movements won't be continously anymore. is
there any way of changing this behaviour?
also, while we are at it: the resulting images are
really blocky sometimes, especially when capturing
motion. it looks like some parts of the image consist
of another frame than the rest of the image ... this
issue does not exist when capturing dv with dvgrab or

while working on this, i found myself craving for the
windows version of pix_video: not only do these ugly
blocks not appear, it is also possible to change the
resolution of the captured video with messages (dv res
xxx, iirc). this becomes important when doing other
stuff besides capturing video: pix_video and the
according pix_texture take up about 50% on my computer
:-( thre is indeed a quality-message, but this one
doesn't seem to affect the resolution of the captured
frames, only their overall quality.

with kind regards,

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