[PD] ems aks emulation Beta

guillaume rabusseau gr_wip_pd at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 9 00:41:04 CET 2007

Hello all !

I saw Thomas Lehn in a concert a few weeks ago in Brussels (Franz Hautzinger 
- Thomas Lehn - Bertrand Gauguet at qo2) and i started to work on an emulation 
of this wonderful matrix synth.

I can show the beginnings of my work. There's a lot of things i have still 
to do (saving system mostly, touchpad (for the joystick) and a lot of other 

I think there are a lot of dependencies : zexy, ggee, toxy (widget) 
freeverb~ and i'm sure a lot more but i have not the time for the moment... 
I promise i will implement a save system and give a readme file with 
dependencies and some example patchs.

Any comments are really welcome...     ((Especially for the shape of the 
triangle oscillator : i wanted to modify the shape form |\|\ to /\/\ to /|/| 
  but i've only found a little trick and i'm really not satisfied of it...))

Thx for all the work you all make, i use pd for three years now for (noise) 
free improvisation and i learned a lot reading this list. I think i gonna 
try to make some of my patches cleaner and begin to show my work in the Pd 

Here the link to my brand new pd page on my brand new site :


Guillaume Rabusseau

P.S : Sorry for my i english i'm quite sure i've made big ugly mistakes (but 
i'm working on !!)...

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