[PD] basic remarks about Pd-extended for OS X

Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Fri Feb 9 01:47:47 CET 2007

I have some remarks about the PD-extended Istallers for OSX and would  
be interested, if those things were discussed here before.

Its basically about

1) Settings and Startup

2) help-flies

1) If it looks right to me there are 3 ways to determine paths and  
libs on OSX and i am not quite sure if i am doing something wrong or  
if it just has not been considered.

You can change the settings in the TCL-Interface of PD, but there are  
not enough lines, to see all the necessary entries, in the /Library/ 
Preferences/org.puredata.plist file and vie a.pdrc file.

They do not really interact, i mean if you change something in the  
pdrc file it is not written in the org.puredata.plist file, right ?

This might cause confusion to a OSX PD-Beginner right ?

2) There are so many paths to the help-files if the doc-folder has so  
many subfolders, which is good and necessary to keep it structured,  
but that way the good-old "right-click"-help does not always work.  
And especially for beginners it is so good to be able to just browse  
through the examples or reference-files and quickly open the "help- 

  I still did not really understand if there is a different syntax  
for "help-files" or is it just another "lib"-entry ?
How do folk out there manage these things ? Is it good to use  
"Aliases" or symbolic links here ??

By the way there are two gcanvas-externals. One in "ggee" and one in  
"flatspace"...is that good ?

Ok..so far..have a good time



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