[PD] pdp/pidip w/ raw1394 on Linux? Can Gem help?

simon wise simonxwise at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 9 06:21:54 CET 2007

On 6 Feb 2007, at 8:36 AM, John Harrison wrote:

> We have a great firewire camera that works well with dvgrab and  
> kino to capture images on our Dapper box...but we can't get it to  
> work w/ pdp/pidip. We were thinking to use coriander but coriander  
> says the camera doesn't have the right specs. Then we tried using Gem

to set [pix_video] to use DV in linux you need to send it the message  
[driver 1( for DV --[driver 0( is for v4l -- but it was looking in  
the wrong place for the device - at least a few months ago you needed  
to compile a more recent Gem than the usual distribution so that you  
could send a message to tell it to look for the correct /dev device,  
rather than its default - this may be fixed in your distribution.

in the end I used a Tetra Piccolo framegrabber with 4x v4l inputs  
instead so I didn't test out DV or recompile Gem. You may also have  
to set [mode 0( if rectangle texturing isn't working properly - as  
seems to happen on many platforms with recent Gem versions - if you  
just get the centre pixel of the image spread over the whole frame.


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