[PD] basic remarks about Pd-extended for OS X

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Fri Feb 9 10:54:41 CET 2007

On 09/02/2007, at 1.47, Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:

> 1) If it looks right to me there are 3 ways to determine paths and  
> libs on OSX and i am not quite sure if i am doing something wrong  
> or if it just has not been considered.
> You can change the settings in the TCL-Interface of PD, but there  
> are not enough lines, to see all the necessary entries, in the / 
> Library/Preferences/org.puredata.plist file and vie a.pdrc file.
> They do not really interact, i mean if you change something in the  
> pdrc file it is not written in the org.puredata.plist file, right ?

Yes, if you add to a .pdrc the changes will not be updated in the  
org.puredata.pd.plist. You can either edit the plist file manually  
(with the plist editor that ships with Xcodetools or with a text  
editor (and needed be the CLI tool called plutil that can convert  
between plain text and plist)) or add things to it via the panels in  
Pd. For the later see:

> By the way there are two gcanvas-externals. One in "ggee" and one  
> in "flatspace"...is that good ?

I think the quick answer (all i know) is to point here:

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