[PD] audio send recieve feedback quirk

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Feb 9 20:08:19 CET 2007

Hi Frank,

and thanks for all that! I'll make sure it goes into every tutorial I 
ever write ever again ;-)

But actually, what I was referring to was this problem of--for 
example--having a feedback system where the send~ is inside a subpatch 
and the receive~ is outside of it. IIRC, you have to be very careful 
about whether you create the send~ subpatch first or the receive~ first. 
One way gave me a DSP loop and the other way didn't, and I couldn't 
figure out why it would work like that at all. Maybe I'll have to sit 
down and make an example of what I mean, or you could try it for 
yourself and see. This problem made me totally crazy while trying to 
make a feedback-modulated AM/FM synth several months ago.

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