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i posted before, but it did not come up the list, so sorry for
posting this three or four times in case the other posts show up..
do you guys know of any objects or abstractions that are able to play back
(in a loop)
a couple of approx. 1.5 min.. stereo interleaved files as stereo files ? i
played them
back through quicktime and the stereo image was fine..

i recorded 4 channels simultaneously with two neumann and a sennheiser
i made the neumann tracks hard left and right and the shotgun (middle and
i used the directional track to fill the gap and the side information to
widen the stereo
image. this i did in cubase le. then i bounced the mix as stereo interleaved
and tried
playing it back with playsf~ or readsf~, but the stereo image is just
lost... even if i
use two of them on each channel and seperate them with a pan~.. im lost on
please can anybody help me ?

i want to make a "random player", that plays back three soundfiles randoly
and i really dont
want to lose the space on the original recording..



alexandre r. decoupigny

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