[PD] midi on osx

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sat Feb 10 03:53:15 CET 2007

[Funny, just wrote this in response to another question...maybe this 
should go in a manual somewhere ;-) ]

On OSX, you must open the "Audio MIDI Setup" application to get MIDI 
in/out of PD. Once you have done that, you can use the MIDI Settings 
menu in PD to route MIDI in and out from/to your various devices. 
Haven't tried routing MIDI from PD to Live, but I imagine that if you 
select the built-in OSX MIDI "IAC" router as output in PD and input in 
Live, you'll get something working pretty quick.


Nikola Jeremic wrote:
> hi
> Im using on my home PC win and Linux version of pd and on both systems i 
> have "multiple midi in-out" and "alsa connect" . On my job machine (mac 
> osx pd-extended 0.38.4)i can use just one in-out - the main one from 
> digi002. Where are this settings and can i use something like alsa 
> connect to connect my pd with Live + all my midi controllers on osx?
> thanks 2 all

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