[PD] audio send recieve feedback quirk

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Sat Feb 10 10:44:22 CET 2007


Thanks for this info.

On 10/02/2007, at 0.51, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Derek Holzer hat gesagt: // Derek Holzer wrote:
>> But actually, what I was referring to was this problem of--for
>> example--having a feedback system where the send~ is inside a  
>> subpatch
>> and the receive~ is outside of it. IIRC, you have to be very careful
>> about whether you create the send~ subpatch first or the receive~  
>> first.
> Just remember, that everything, that is connected directly trough
> signal cords, will be evaluated top to bottom, and everything that is
> not connected through signal chords, will be evaluated in "random"
> order [...]

But it properly isn't random, as from the quote from Millers book  
says "in reality Pd executes them all in a sequential order". The  
lesson learned from here, from Frank, is, as i understand it, that if  
the order is not directly defined via cords, then one can't be sure  
to know what happens. But as with the adding example with out the  
trigger, one can be lucky to make it work as wanted without the  
tricker. The same may have happened for Derek in this send~/receive~  

As in: the 'in reality sequential order' might be from line one to  
EOF, but if cords/connections have been made to directly specify an  
execution order, they'll be followed first.  As in a hierarchy of  
execution order.

Just a thought. - I haven't read the code. 

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