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alexandre r. decoupigny alex.decoupigny at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 12:01:27 CET 2007

do you know of any objects or abstractions that are able to play back (in a
loop) a couple of approx. 1.5 min. stereo interleaved files as stereo files
keep the stereo  image of the file..

i recorded 4 channels simultaneously with two neumann and a sennheiser
i made the neumann tracks hard left and right and the shotgun (middle and
side) &
i used the shotgun to fill the gap and the side information of the shotgun
to widen the stereo image. this i did in cubase le.
 then i bounced the mix as stereo interleaved and tried
playing it back in pd with playsf~ or readsf~, but the stereo image is just
lost... even if i use two of them with mono files and seperate them with a
pan~.. im lost on
 this, please can anybody help me ? i played them back through quicktime and
stereo image was fine.. did not want to send you one of the files , because
they are all around 20-25MB...
sorry again, but im super lost here and need some help so if you have an
idea, i would be
flattered if you helped me : )))

alexandre r. decoupigny

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