[PD] slicing samples

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Feb 13 09:58:58 CET 2007

jared hat gesagt: // jared wrote:

> First post!  Glad to be here.  
> I'm in the middle of installing all of the PD goodies.  I'll have some
> questions concerning installations and such...please bare with me! :-)
> First off, I'm really interested in 'slicing' up samples with PD
> (beat/transient detection) and rearranging them....
> Is there an object or abstraction that I should be using to achieve
> this?  Does anyone have any patches that they'd like to share relating
> to this?

First off++: You may want to take a look at the archive as well. It
provides more almost a decade of sometimes deep Pd knowledge.

Here's a simple slicer/slice player that uses the powerful Aubio
externals for beat/transient detection:

A slicer that just slices using [bonk~] was posted recently: 

This should give you some ideas where to start.

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