[PD] pixel analyse _ gridflow undefined symbol

pablo das neves bicho pablodnb at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 13 13:20:08 CET 2007

> On 2/12/07, Claude Heiland-Allen <claudiusmaximus at goto10.org> wrote:
>> pablo das neves bicho wrote:
>> > Hi list,
>> > I'd like to know if there is an object or an abstration to output the
>> > grayscale values of each pixel of a low resolution video, in order to
>> > use those value to control the behaviour of 3d objects. Should i use
>> > gridflow ? Any ideas/hints would be welcome.
>> > cheers
>> > pablo
>> The extraction is easy with GridFlow (for example, [#export_list]), and
>> the 3D could be done with Gem.
> Hi.  I'm not having any luck finding GridFlow, or any documentation.
> I found a few dead links... anyone have a live one?
> -Chuckk

Thank you for the answer, i'll try each of the solution to see which one 
fits best my needs. By experience will one of them be faster and more 
By the way I compiled gridflow from cvs , but I can't load it:

./gridflow.pd_linux: ./gridflow.pd_linux: undefined symbol: 
gridflow: can't load library

I've tried with gcc4.1 and 3.4, on an ubuntu32 system. Sould I use the 
8.4 release instead of the CVS one or am I missing something ( config is 
fine and find everything it needs) ...


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