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Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Feb 13 18:03:34 CET 2007

I've used very rough "impulse" recordings to do binaural placement for 
sounds--as well as pure abstract textures as Malte suggested--with very 
nice results. See soundfiles and descriptions below from Karosta Project 
(Latvia, 2002-3) http://karosta.edworks.net/



binaural.tunnel.study.1 [w/max.borisov][OGG 2min00sec 1.67Mb]

An excerpted acoustic study of an abandoned Soviet aircraft bunker. Max 
Borisov wears ear-mount binaural microphones, and I test the space with 
bricks and stones. Max and I found this technique very interesting, as 
it allows one person to literally "become" a human microphone, and the 
other to perform for that audience/recorder [many thanks to Aaron Ximm 
for inspiration in this and other matters]. A clever soul might use 
these acoustic signatures to place other sounds in the same space 


Original Formanta EMS-01 Synthesizer improvisation [OGG 2min08sec 1.34Mb]

Formanta.Drone [Surface.Noise] [OGG 7min10sec 4.92Mb]

The first is an excerpt of a live improvisation made on Maxim Borisov's 
Formanta EMS-01 synthesizer. This is a big, nasty Russian synth that is 
almost totally useless for melody, but has this amazing noise-driven Low 
Frequency Oscillator with an array of filters behind it. All sounds on 
the first track came only from this random sequencer, without laying a 
finger on the keys. The second track resulted from a digital 
cross-breeding with surface noise from an old Soviet marching 
record--instant texture and depth!

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