[PD] measuring time between audio events (clicks)

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 13 20:22:46 CET 2007

hi all

i've got a problem, that i don't know how to solve (which is common,
when writing to the list ;-). i'd like to measure the delay time between
an original signal (could be a dirac or some kind of pling [with a
defined frequency]) and the same, but delayed signal, e.g the signal
after [delwrite~]/[delread~]. how can this be achieved? since the output
should be a time-value in the 'message-domain', i won't come around to
convert audio to messages. in order to make the grid of the meaurements
smaller than 1.45msec, i tried to reblock the subpatch containing
[env~]. my problem is, that it seems that i cannot measure more often
than all 1.45msec. also when i measure the time between each 'bang'
outputted by [bang~], the smallest value i can get is 1.45msec, even if
i have a [block~ {x<64}] in the same subpatch. why is this? 

while writing this, i had the idea of converting audio-blocks to lists
of floats using [pack~] from zexy. with this approach i don't have to
reblock at all, since i can detect the peak in the 'message-domain'
without losing the info, when exactly the peak happened. anyway, my
question about [bang~] in a subpatch reblocked to a value<64 stays


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