[PD-announce] Re: [PD] g_save-0.1 Storage system with pool

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Feb 13 19:48:02 CET 2007

guillaume rabusseau hat gesagt: // guillaume rabusseau wrote:

> I've just finished to make a clean release of the saving system i mostly 
> use. It's two abstractions (a "console" and an object you have to create 
> for each variable (floats or symbols) to store), you can store 16 presets 
> (with as many variable as you want) and save them into a file.
> You will need pool, iemlib (dollarg) and zexy..
> I tried to make a clear help file, i hope it will not be to hard to 
> understand...
> [TODO : * Allow multiple instance
>             * Allow storage of lists
>             * A lot of other things i think...]

Nice work, but it seems to do not much more than the sssad-saving
system in CVS. Additionally sssad already can store lists, allows
multiple instances, is less intrusive regarding the send/receive
namespace compared to g_save and doesn't require any externals.

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