[PD] hid compatibility

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Tue Feb 13 20:03:07 CET 2007

>> The object is already working for MacOS but i haven't had time for  
>> Windows yet. It will be part of vibrez_pure.
> Great stuff. Can one just snap stuff/objects out of the vibrez_pure  
> build and add it else where?

In general, this is not possible for the objects that are special for  
vibrez_pure, because they use (at least) pd_devel features. It  
possible though for the objects from other authors that are just  
packaged with vibrez_pure.
The other way around should be perfectly possible... adding object to  
the vibrez_pure application is described in the accompanying docs.  
Please note that vibrez_pure is still under evolvement, as is the  
full vibrez. (as is pd...)

> Also, apart from the wee intro text on the website, can you share  
> more info on the vibrez_pure project - especially how it differs  
> from the other distributions?

The intention is to provide a really optimized core distro that is  
well documented and well-tested, with usable midi and audio  
interfaces and a few other bonus externals. It's only the core of the  
larger vibrez project, but we would be happy if people find it useful  
on its own.


Thomas Grill

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