[PD] Instrument Design Survey

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Feb 14 05:38:17 CET 2007

I look forward to seeing the results of this.  Maybe I am a bit  
thick, but I found some of the wording a bit vague.

First thing was this question: "Please rate the following as your  
priorities in instrument design where 0 indicates no preference and 3  
on either side indicates a strong preference"  What's the difference  
between the 3 all the way to the left and the 3 all the way to the  
right?  Oh, I get it, there is a "Vs" in there.

Also, this is a bit vague: "Please rate the importance in the  
features of a new musical instrument", is 1 more important, or 5?  I  
am guessing 5 is the most important.

Also, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Mapping  
Library for Pd, and any other mapping software you have encountered.


On Feb 13, 2007, at 4:50 AM, Matthew Paradis wrote:

> Thank you all for your very fast response to this survey, 21  
> responses in one evening, fantastic.
> The results of this survey will indeed be published as an outcome  
> of my PhD, I will post a link to the paper to this list when it is  
> written. As part of this work I am developing new externals for PD/ 
> Max and jMax(well maybe jMax) to aid in the instrument design and  
> specifically the mapping process. I will post to the list when  
> these are available.
> Regarding feedback, you have a very good point, I will add a  
> feedback field to the survey, but if you have already filled it in  
> and have some comments on the survey they are most welcome so feel  
> free to send them to me off list to mdjp100 at york.ac.uk
> Thanks again.
> Matt
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> matthew paradis
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> mrc - music research centre
> department of music
> university of york
> tel: +44(0)1904-43-2435
> mdjp100 at york.ac.uk
> shift8 wrote:
>> how will the results of the survey feed back into and straighten  
>> the pd
>> community?  will the results be published publicly?
>> i think i can safely say we are all looking for new ideas regarding
>> instrument creation :)
>> i'd be super interested in hearing more about your "Data Mining and
>> Sonification" work if you can talk about it!
>> warm regards,
>> star
>> On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 20:26 +0000, Matthew Paradis wrote:
>>> Apologies for cross postings
>>> Dear All,
>>> I am currently carrying out research for a PhD in Music  
>>> Technology.  As
>>> part of this research I am trying to get a general idea of the  
>>> current
>>> trends in the design of interactive performance systems and New  
>>> Musical
>>> Instruments.
>>> I would greatly appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes
>>> answering the survey at the link below.
>>> http://www.my3q.com/home2/144/mdjp100/54558.phtml
>>> Regards
>>> Matthew Paradis
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