[PD] 2 pole lpf with resonance?

Vreahli the Audio Bandit vreahli at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 05:30:00 CET 2007

Hiya. Okay - so here's the skinny. I set out about a half hour ago to 
figure out how to set up a 2 pole low pass filter with resonance in 
Puredata. Looks like that's apparently set up with a biquad~ filter. I 
read through the rather handy looking information over here at 
http://www.musicdsp.org/files/Audio-EQ-Cookbook.txt. I came out of that 
a bit more confused than when I went in. I also bumped in to 
http://www.creativesynth.com/MAXMSP/001-SynthBuildingMSP/sbm_03.html - 
which left me drooling quite a bit more than when I went in. Is there 
any way to set up a LPF with a live-tweakable audio rate resonance and 
frequency setting while avoiding doing the biquad math by hand? I can't 
even figure out how to get my computer to crunch those numbers for me. 
Thanks in advance for helping me out with this seemingly simple yet 
convoluted question.

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