[PD] g_save-0.1 Storage system with pool

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 14 16:10:23 CET 2007

guillaume rabusseau hat gesagt: // guillaume rabusseau wrote:

> Yep, that sound good. I would be very glad to help... maybe integrating a 
> nice gui interface on sssad?

Okay, I added some of the GUI stuff for sssad I had already built to
the CVS now. Though I'm convinced, that this stuff is better built by
every user on his/her own. Why? sssad has the saving completely
seperated from the state collecting. You can use sssad to save to
textfiles, messages, pool-files, netsend or whatever you choose to use
for the actualy saving. IMO it doesn't make sense to completely
standardize this area, as saving needs are different. 

Anyway included the CVS now are  examples how to use sssad in to save
to pool, textfile and message boxes.

> The problem is that you'll always have to put specific symbol for send and 
> receive pair on gui objects or to link your gui objects with some sssad 
> object... Maybe it could be nice to have gui objects that automatically 
> send their data with a determined symbol like patchname-$1-var_number (with 
> the $1 only for abstractions)

One of my priciples is, that state saving is not tied to GUI elements.
One may want to save different things than just the state of a slider,
and one may want to not save the state of some sliders. See
http://footils.org/cms/show/1 for a longer take on my motivation for

But in sssad/gui you can find some examples of GUI elements that are
created like [sssad-hslider SAVEME]. They will look like normal
sliders, but in fact they are slider-abstraction with graph on parent
and "hide object names" enabled. Additionally inside they have a
[sssad $1/slider] object already connected. 

Of course you cannot directly reach the sliders "Properties" dialog
directly anymore, so I don't want to advocate using these directly,
they are more intented as an illustration of the idiom. As I wrote
above I prefer to let users make their own choices and have their own
thoughts, because my way often is wrong and it is so more often for
others. ;)

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