[PD] Sampler loop strategies

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 14 19:05:20 CET 2007

Dafydd Hughes hat gesagt: // Dafydd Hughes wrote:

> The best solution I can think of is to use 2 tabread4~'s, crossfading
> for every pass of the loop.  Anybody have a better idea?

I'd do the looping a bit differently: Standard would be to use a
[phasor~] scaled so that it plays a certain section of the sample with

Example: Assuming you want to loopplay samples 1000 to 1050 at a
loop-frequency of 100: 

 [phasor~ 100]
 [*~ 50] because: 50 = sample_end - sample_start
 [+~ 1000] because: 1000 = sample_start 
 [tabread4~ yoursample]

Playing the sample in full could be done with [vline~] as in one of
the example patches in the docs (or use [play-samp~] from RTC-lib]. 

Now the tricky part is how to switch from the normal play to the
looping phase without clicks. Maybe this can be realized most easily
by just crossfading from the [vline~] player to the [phasor~] loop.
Again RTC-lib might be useful: It has a little [crossfade~]
abstraction that does constant-power crossfades.

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