[PD] Font and Text size; how to make pd patches easier on the eyes

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 15 11:06:32 CET 2007

John H hat gesagt: // John H wrote:

> This is my first submission to this mailing list, so I hope I'm not
> completely in the wrong here. I've searched through all the daily digests
> that I've received in the past few months, and I couldn't find a single
> issue about font size or even the general gui bugs that make everything so
> hard to read. I really like the potential of PD in all of it's areas of
> exploration, but I can't use it for very long without straining my eyes.
> Also some times different gui objects and text overlap each other, making it
> difficult to see what's what, and I have found no way to simply resize
> (stretch) the canvas. Excuse me if I'm out of order here. I'm not writing
> this to complain. Is there a solution I don't know about? Is this an issue
> that's currently being worked on?

Getting font sizes right is a long standing issue with Pd. In fact, my
very first question to this list about 5 years ago was about the same
question as you asked and not much has changed since then. :( The only
reliable way to change the font size in plain Pd is to use the FONT
BOMB menu you can open with Edit->Font. However different operating
systems have different default resolutions so what looks good on
Windows doesn't look good on Linux normally (and result in comments
stretching into and over objects etc). You can also set the default
font size for new patches with the "-font 12" startup option.  And
then you can select a different font face with "-typeface ..." However
fiddling around with all this may make your patches look ugly on other

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