[PD] Re: Re: Font and Text size; how to make pd patches easier on the

John H reveling at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 23:45:06 CET 2007

Thanks for these responses on the font/gui issue. These are good references
for future developments in this area.


Frank Barknecht wrote:

>The only reliable way to change the font size in plain Pd is to use the
>BOMB menu you can open with Edit->Font. However different operating
>systems have different default resolutions so what looks good on
>Windows doesn't look good on Linux normally (and result in comments
>stretching into and over objects etc). You can also set the default
>font size for new patches with the "-font 12" startup option.  And
>then you can select a different font face with "-typeface ..."

carmen wrote:

>the main issue is pd (server) thinks it knows what the font size is after
rendering on the >client. so you get the overlap and sizing issues since its
not using bounding boxes from the >client to control positioning. if you
just want to deuglify the text, configure Tk with >--enable-xft (linux) or
set the font to something ClearType (win XP or greater) then change >the
font. to do this you might still have to find/replace all instances of
courier to tahoma in >the pd/src/*.{c,tk} files , or maybe the pdsettings
mechanism obsoleted this need..

"bd pd" wrote:

>I thought i would try to answer your first post with my own first..
>in the build im using (Pd-0.39.2-extended-test4) there is an edit menu
>(only when a patch window is open) which has a "font" and "tidy up"
>option.  I was glad to find it too.
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