[PD] Playing .flv files

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Feb 16 13:54:39 CET 2007

Oh, I see...it's proprietary Flash junk....


But if ffmpeg, MPlayer or VLC can deal with it, then it must have a 
codec out there in some lib somewhere.


Derek Holzer wrote:
> What kind of codec is .flv? If Quicktime, libquicktime or some other 
> library which PDP or GEM relies on for decoding already (ffmpeg?) 
> supports it, it could be possible.
> d.
> Jiri Heitlager wrote:
>> I am pretty sure that playing .flv files in PD is not (yet) supported. 
>> Would it not be a very cool thing, becuase then clips from youtube can 
>> be used in projects..

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