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marco trevisani marco at ccrma.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 16 16:10:19 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

subject question is not very precisely organized...:-)
here is the question:

is there a way in PD to stream P2P a mp3 or ogg file, in real time, i mean 
while the machine is econding it?
I was thinking about something like this
Sending oggwrite~  to oggamp~ ...question then is...
can oggwrite~ send while enconding to oggamp~ and can oggamp~ stream over the 
internet an ogg file while is getting enconceded???

IN few words i would need to do the same as streamin~ and streamout~ but with 
a ligther data info streamming because we are organizing a concert with 
musicians playing in Scotland and musicians playing in Puerto Rico both using 
PD, and of course at the same time..:-).
Network connection is quite decent but i suspect streamin~/out~ would be too 
much for our bandwidth.
any suggestion?

thanks a lot,
        marco trevisani

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