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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Feb 16 17:09:05 CET 2007

marco trevisani hat gesagt: // marco trevisani wrote:

> subject question is not very precisely organized...:-)
> here is the question:
> is there a way in PD to stream P2P a mp3 or ogg file, in real time, i mean 
> while the machine is econding it?
> I was thinking about something like this
> Sending oggwrite~  to oggamp~ ...question then is...
> can oggwrite~ send while enconding to oggamp~ and can oggamp~ stream over the 
> internet an ogg file while is getting enconceded???

Yes, this works fine on not too old machines. We @GOTO10 did this
several times for net concerts, where we would have a daisy chain

Player 1 (oggcast~) streams to Player 2 (oggamp~} streams to
(oggcast~) Player 3 ... Player N (oggcast~) streams to Player 1 (oggamp~)

Each player would also do some manipulation of the received ogg
streams and add her/his own stuff.

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