[PD] GEM - alpha blending of images over movies

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i'm trying to port a former jitter patch to pd/gem
i have problems getting overlayed images to display
properly. i have four rectangles fed by pix_movie,
then i need to fade in and out a rendered text image.
i tried using pix_image -> pix_texture and [alpha 1].
the images are .png with transparent portions. i once
got it to display correctly, but now if i open the
patch, the videos all show up with wrong colours:

(see attached patch gemTest2.pd)

once i remove the pix_image and pix_texture, save the
patch and re-open it, the videos show up correctly

(see attached patch gemTest2B.pd)

... also, i don't know how to fade in the text (the
"action" string). is there an alpha-channel multiplier
for pix_image? thanks for hints!

is it possible to stretch the video so that the
rectangle stays the same, but only the top part of the
video is shown (vertically zoomed without
interpolation, so that you can see the pixels)?

ciao, -sciss-

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