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sorry i have some more questions regarding pix_film. i
understand i have to use pix_film if i need to process
the pixel matrix before going into openGL texture

i don't understand the way the rendering is triggered
in GEM. in jitter i do a bang down the rendering tree,
in GEM i specify a framerate with gemwin or i bang
gemwin manually. however, the rendering chain seems to
be interrupted if the pix_film object is stopped (when
i send [auto 0(  ). i want to halt the movie and fade
it out to gray, but as soon as i stop the movie, the
successive GEM objects like pix_contrast in the
attached patch don't get triggered any more.

it seems also that pix_film doesn't "fire" events when
sending the same frame number repeatedly into the
right inlet (like if i switch on the metro in attached
patch, nothing happens).

also i need to now the current time of the movie
(preferably quicktime time refering to the movie's
timebase, or milliseconds, or otherwise frame number
could do as well). like something equivalent to the
[gettime( message with [jit.qt.movie]. i only see a
static output for the films's dimension and an
end-of-file bang...

is it possible to specify looppoints for the movies?

thanks again, -sciss-

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