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cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Sat Feb 17 01:55:58 CET 2007

just a small advice :
forget everything you learn with jitter.
Gem is really diferent.


Item State a écrit :
> hi,
> sorry i have some more questions regarding pix_film. i
> understand i have to use pix_film if i need to process
> the pixel matrix before going into openGL texture
> renderer.
> i don't understand the way the rendering is triggered
> in GEM. in jitter i do a bang down the rendering tree,
> in GEM i specify a framerate with gemwin or i bang
> gemwin manually. however, the rendering chain seems to
> be interrupted if the pix_film object is stopped (when
> i send [auto 0(  ). i want to halt the movie and fade
> it out to gray, but as soon as i stop the movie, the
> successive GEM objects like pix_contrast in the
> attached patch don't get triggered any more.
> it seems also that pix_film doesn't "fire" events when
> sending the same frame number repeatedly into the
> right inlet (like if i switch on the metro in attached
> patch, nothing happens).
> also i need to now the current time of the movie
> (preferably quicktime time refering to the movie's
> timebase, or milliseconds, or otherwise frame number
> could do as well). like something equivalent to the
> [gettime( message with [jit.qt.movie]. i only see a
> static output for the films's dimension and an
> end-of-file bang...
> is it possible to specify looppoints for the movies?
> thanks again, -sciss-
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