[PD] Re: infinite composing

Matteo Sisti Sette matteo.sistisette at email.it
Sat Feb 17 23:52:46 CET 2007

>> Please note, that works must be compatible with Macintosh computers in
>> either QuickTime, max/MSP, Flash, Firefox or Safari.
>If a competition allows to submit music generators made in Max/MSP, but
>disallows submitting music generators made in PureData, then why is such
>an announcement relevant to pd-announce ?

While I'm not affiliate in any way to Infinite Composing, and while I do 
hate the fact they don't allow PD patches (and don't understand why - do 
they ignore that pd can run on a mac?), I guess that some "pd artists" may 
be able and willing to port their pd patches to max/msp in order to submit 
them to the call... 

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