[PD] Re: infinite composing

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 01:19:50 CET 2007

the call is written in a way that makes me think, that the producers 
don't know to much about what is going on in the world...
but maybe the reason is, that there is no such thing as a kiosk mode or 
a protection from changing the patch in pd.
otoh writing an email and telling them that installing pd is not more 
work than copying files to the computer is always a possibility. (and 
the more people ask, the more likely pd will be installed...)
my guess is, that pd is just not known in denmark. maybe I am wrong.

Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
>>> Please note, that works must be compatible with Macintosh computers in
>>> either QuickTime, max/MSP, Flash, Firefox or Safari.
>> If a competition allows to submit music generators made in Max/MSP, but
>> disallows submitting music generators made in PureData, then why is such
>> an announcement relevant to pd-announce ?
> While I'm not affiliate in any way to Infinite Composing, and while I do 
> hate the fact they don't allow PD patches (and don't understand why - do 
> they ignore that pd can run on a mac?), I guess that some "pd artists" may 
> be able and willing to port their pd patches to max/msp in order to submit 
> them to the call... 
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