[PD] Noop message.

Chuckk Hubbard badmuthahubbard at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 04:08:57 CET 2007

Except that, with a list, route only works on the first element; and
[unpack] won't accept a float as a symbol or a symbol as a float.  One
solution would be to use 'noop' in place of symbols and '-1' or any
number you're not likely to need in place of numbers.  Or heck, keep
numbers and symbols in different textfiles...


On 2/17/07, hard off <hard.off at gmail.com> wrote:
> for control data, i just use -1 as a 'noop' , and then [route -1]..all
> the data except -1 comes out the right outlet


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