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> >> The metro is not so hot in Pd either.  Good luck.
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> >[metro] in Pd is hot enough to play in sync with a phasor~, see
> >attached patch.
> Media handling APIs have internal clocks and it is best to use those for the
> most efficient playback.  It is basically impossible to sync Pd or Max to
> one of these APIs without some tricks (GEM) or having the API drive the app
> (Max/Jitter).

Syncing Pd's clock to other clocks of course is a difficult issue. I
actually was more trying to illustrate how hot Pd's [metro] is
compared to Max's [metro], which AFAIK has a lowest period of 20 msec,
while Pd can go as low as 1 msec and actually could go even lower if
you remove the limit in the source code (or build a metro-clone with
[delay]). Even with periods that small Pd's [metro] stays tight
compared to audio objects. But yes, that still doesn't make it a good
choice when playing or recording video.

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