[PD] Dynamic patching questions

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 18 14:30:10 CET 2007

Alexandre Quessy a écrit :
> Hi,
> A few questions regarding dynamic patching using only Pd messages (or
> internals) :
> 1) Is it possible to delete and disconnect objects without clearing
> the whole canvas ?
yes [find 'objectname', cut(
and [findagain, cut(
if your patch isn't so complicated, it's possible to use these messages, 
with a counter for tracking the object to delete.
I use it for creating-destroying GOP in a single patch, like in any 
sound software where you can ,for example, adding or removing an 
instrument, or an fx...

> 2) Is it ok to create GUI objects with not even half the arguments it
> could take ? Pd seems to be likely to crash when we create GUI objects
> using a message with the atom "empty" in it.
Yes, but the GUI will have the default values
> 3) Is the use of [namecanvas $0] recommended or totally deprecated ?
is namecanvas usefull?
> 4) Where can I find an abstraction or object to convert any familiar
> representation of colors to the Tk colors (or whatever is used for GUI
> objects) ?
in iem gui help files, it's just a patch that is multiplexing the three 
color numbers RGB into a single negative number


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