[PD] nogui and compute audio

Richard Lewis richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 12:27:26 CET 2007

Hey there,

I'm just moving my PD code onto my (headless) server where I want it to run 
with no GUI (it uses OSC for input messages and outputs to Icecast). 
Currently I'm not getting any output from it. I've tried replacing the 
mp3cast~ with a simple dac~ and plugging some speakers into the server 
machine as a debugging test but I still don't hear anything.

I'm starting PD like this:

# pd -rt -oss -nogui mixer-mp3cast.pd &

(its version 0.40 provided with Debian "unstable" and version 0.39 of 

I then remembered the "compute audio" switch in the GUI. Does an equivalent 
action have to be performed for PD running without a GUI? If so, does anyone 
know what it is?

Richard Lewis
Sonic Arts Research Archive
JID: ironchicken at jabber.earth.li

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