[PD] Re: metro vs. samm~

Eric Lyon audiodidact at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 15:57:07 CET 2007

> It's not the [metro] that is shaky in your patch, it's the
> [impulse~]! Attached variation proves this.

Impressive - thanks!

Pd's messages come in two kinds: regular, GUI-generated messages and
> so called "clock-derived" messages. The time objects in Pd like metro,
> delay, pipe etc. all generate clock-derived messages. Their timing is
> not affected by dsp-blocks at all.
> However, and now comes the important trick: DSP objects need to do
> some extra work to make use of the accurate timing of clock-delayed
> messages, when converting these messages to audio signals. So far, the
> only object that does this is vline~ AFAIK. You may want to have a
> look at its source to check out what needs to be done to convert from
> control messages to signals with accurate timing.

I better do that so I can fix impulse~. Arrrggh.

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