[PD] mp3cast~ again

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 19 17:03:45 CET 2007

Richard Lewis wrote:
> Hey there,
> I'm trying to use mp3cast~ with Icecast 1.

stupid me, but why are you using icecast-1 instead of icecast-2 ?

> I tried altering the password in the icecast.conf file (which is very 
> confusing and difficult on Debian) but it still doesn't like it. I wanted to 

what is the confusiion and difficulty in editing the configuration file
(in Debian as opposed to other systems)?
usually it is as simple as opening the file with a text-editor (and the
correct permissions).

> tell makepasswd what password I wanted (by default it just makes up random 
> passwords!) so I did this:

well, this is what makepasswd does by definition. it "Generates true
random passwords by using the /dev/random feature of Linux"

> $ echo apassword | makepasswd --verbose --crypt --clearfrom=-
> which seemed to work. I copied the encrypted version into my icecast.conf 
> file. I guess thats right?

i might be totally wrong here, but to my knowledge, icecast stores
passwords in plaintexts.

> In PD, can you send send messages in any particular order? If so, would it 

yes, you can send messages in any order.
but be aware that it depends on the objects you are sending messages too
whether the order is important.
e.g. sending "hello" and "you" to print will result in "hello you",
whereas sending "you" and then "hello", will result in "you hello",
which is something different.

(ok, that was just a joke, but it is still true that it depends on the
object whether order matters or not)

> matter what order I sent the 'connect' and 'passwd' messages to mp3cast~?

i think(! without reading the code), that following is happening:
the "passwd" message stores the password in [mp3cast~] for later use.
when you send it the [connect( message, it will use the previously
stored password to connect to the server.
so in this case it is _very important_ that you first send the [passwd(
message and then send the [connect( message (else [mp3cast~] would try
to connect to the server with an empty/default password)


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