[PD] mp3cast~ again

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 19 17:09:13 CET 2007

hello Richard

On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 15:15 +0000, Richard Lewis wrote:
> Hey there,
> I'm trying to use mp3cast~ with Icecast 1.
> Initially I had a patch where the settings messages ('passwd', 'mountpoint', 
> etc.) for the mp3cast~ were sent when the patch was loaded and the 'connect' 
> and 'disconnect' messages were sent in response to other events. In this 
> setup I got all the expected messages from PD but I couldn't connect to the 
> mp3 streams, my clients just said that Icecast was returning a 404 error.

[mp3cast~]'s output on the pd-window should give you a hint, whether it
could connect to the icecast-server or not. if nothing tells you, that
connection failed or something like that, i would assume that it could
connect correctly and that the problem might be with the connection
between client-app and server. 

some random possible problems, that come to my mind:

-did you try to connect the client on the right port (e.g.
http://yourhost.com:8080/yourstream.mp3 ) ?

-is the port not blocked by a firewall?

> I wondered whether perhaps it might help if I sent all the settings messages 
> every time I sent 'connect' so I altered my patch. Now, it tells me that I'm 
> sending a "Bad Password".

the only thing i know, is that before the [connect(-messages all other
settings-messages should be sent.
> I tried altering the password in the icecast.conf file (which is very 
> confusing and difficult on Debian) but it still doesn't like it. I wanted to 
> tell makepasswd what password I wanted (by default it just makes up random 
> passwords!) so I did this:
> $ echo apassword | makepasswd --verbose --crypt --clearfrom=-

hm.... my icecast-server (v2.3.1) has a configuration-file called
icecast.xml, where the password is written in plain-text (the file is in
xml-format). so no makepasswd and stuff is needed. i don't know if
icecast.conf works differently. 

> which seemed to work. I copied the encrypted version into my icecast.conf 
> file. I guess thats right?
> In PD, can you send send messages in any particular order? If so, would it 
> matter what order I sent the 'connect' and 'passwd' messages to mp3cast~?

yes, you can send the messages in a certain order in pd and yes, it DOES
matter when sending the settings-messages to [mp3cast~]. first set all
settings like passwd, mountpoint, bitrate etc and after this send the
[connect blabla.com 8080(-message. you could put all settings-messages
in one single message-box, separated by a ',' like for example:

[name streamname, mountpoint yourstream.mp3, icecast2, password
yourpasswd, mpeg 44100 128 1 4(

good luck

> On the other hand, of course, that's probably not the problem anyway. Its more 
> likely that my initial approach is best, I just need to find out why Icecast 
> isn't serving up the mp3 streams...
> Cheers,
> Richard

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