[PD] Feature Requests for Google Summer of Code

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Mon Feb 19 21:04:48 CET 2007


Maybe some people can give more feature requests which could be 
implemented within the google summer of code project.

So that in the end we might have something that someone (Hans, Miller, 
IEM ?) can propose to google.

For pd-vanilla I guess it is hard to make proposals, because (as tim 
said) we don't know what miller would accept - so it would be nice if 
miller could say something to that !

Some proposals:

- GEM:
make multiple windows possible (also no window)
(and threaded GEM)

- GEM:
code optimizing (SSE2, MMX)

- GEM:
firewire in/output, better recording of GEM output

- PDa: (Chris McCormick)
porting latest Pd to PDAs (so updating Günters PDa)
(patches back to Miller that make it possible to build regular Pd with 
no floats)

- Buildsystem:
rework of the pd-extended buildsystem, deb, rpm packages,
integration of more externals (flext, GEM, ...),
same support for all major platforms

- pd-lib
making a pd-core lib (see 
restructure all the externals in libraries and not by name (see also 
thread above)

More ideas ?


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