[PD] pduino set serial line device

media.gambler media.gambler at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 01:34:54 CET 2007

hello list!

i'm trying to get my arduino board to run with pd.
i work on a g4 powerbook, OS 10.4.8 with the latest installer from  
hans, Pd-0.39.2-extended-test7.

the arduino works fine with processing, the blinking led test file  
works, so i upload the pd_firmware.

when i open the arduino-help file everything seems to work fine, i  
can open a connection and get this message:
[comport] opened serial line device 1 (/dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync)
  - is this already wrong? is that the correct type of connection?

then i set the port 13 to output and toggle the pin 13 on and off,  
but the led just doesn't start to blink.

i'm sorry if this is a complete newbie error, but still - any  

thank you in advance,

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