[PD] looking for an example port of a max/msp external to flext

Stefano Papetti papetti at sci.univr.it
Tue Feb 20 12:41:52 CET 2007


IMO flext makes externals programming really straightforward (compared to
plain pd externals programming at least): everything is clearer and the code
is far more readable.
Once learned how to use it, the porting of my pd externals has been
straightforward and fast. Definitely worth learning it!


On Tue, February 20, 2007 9:58, Eric Lyon said:
> Hi Ico,
> If you want to move an external from MaxMSP to MaxMSP/Pd, I developed
> another approach which is far less elegant than Thomas Grill's flext, but
> may be easier when you are starting with an existing MaxMSP code base. The
> basic idea is to use #ifdefs at the few places where MaxMSP and Pd code
> diverge, and a single header to wrap the different headers used for the two
> programs. The result is a single code file that will compile into either Pd
> or MaxMSP. You can see examples of this here:
> http://www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/~elyon/LyonSoftware/Pd/
> Best,
> Eric

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